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december 2020


Star Trek usually makes social commentary through the use of alien cultures, however in DS9 they chose to use Earth’s own history. Patrick Devlin and Amy Nelson discuss “Far Beyond the Stars,” Benny Russell becoming an inspiration as he struggled as a person of color to get his stories published in the 1950s, and if society really is more accepting today.


Names like Vic Fontaine and Captain Proton conjure up fun adventures for the crews in Star Trek. Pat and Amy discuss the many programs run in TNG, DS9 and VGR, and reveal what type of programs they would run if they had access to a holodeck, as well as share listener responses!

november 2020

agt 028

Ken Tripp and Amy Nelson talk Una McCormack’s novel, Star Trek: Picard: The Last Best Hope which explains the events leading up to Admiral Picard’s stepping down from Starfleet. They discuss the Romulans, their reluctance to save their own people, and their hesitancy to work with the Federation which makes Picard’s actions even more brave and heroic.


Pat and Amy are excited to continue their series Taking It From the Top, in which they look at the premiere episode of each Star Trek series in in-universe chronological order and discuss all the elements that make for a good pilot. This week, Star Trek: Discovery’s “The Vulcan Hello.”

october 2020


Oh the games we play! Patrick Devlin and Amy Nelson talk the purpose of games, real life and online gaming, and the harms and benefits of gaming through discussing TNG’s “The Game” and DS9’s “Move Along Home.”


Star Trek has been described as a beacon of hope and as a mirror to reflect society’s issues. But which is it? Can it be both? After 50+ years watching, learning and loving Star Trek, are we seeing Star Trek at its best – a beacon of hope? Amy Nelson and Ken Tripp compare the recent Trek series to the old. Ken also shares an update on the CBS/Viacom/Paramount merger.

agt 027 aRTWORK

1979 was a banner year for the following spring’s Oscars; five movies were nominated for Best Visual Effects with Star Trek: The Motion Picture being one of them. Ken Tripp and Amy Nelson discuss fan favorite special effects in the movie and provide background information for those scenes.

september 2020


Two young men were raised by fathers and families not their own. So what is their culture? Is it the culture they were raised in or the culture of their family history? Jono from TNG’s “Suddenly Human” and Rugal from DS9’s “Cardassians” face similar difficulties in answering this question. Pat and Amy discuss the ideas of nature vs. nurture and compare and contrast the two episodes.

*Please forgive the audio quality of this episode. Due to unforeseen circumstances a power surge blew out Patrick’s microphone input on his mother board during recording, and its effect wasn’t discovered until after recording had ended.


Spock tells us that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one. Can we use this logic in determining the needs of an individual? Patrick and Amy discuss ENT’s “Similitude” and VGR’s “Tuvix,” where both Sim and Tuvix have an overwhelming desire to live, yet their captains have different outcomes in mind for them.

august 2020


Technology now permeates our lives, but does it continue into the afterlife? Can we save ourselves within a computer program? Star Trek seems to think so. Amy and Ken discuss TNG’s “11001001” and “The Inner Light,” VGR’s “Memorial,” and DSC’s “An Obol for Charon” to see how downloading a computer program changes a civilization and its history.


Pat and Amy are excited to start a new series, Taking It From the Top! They’ll be looking at the series premieres of each Star Trek series in in-universe chronological order and discussing all the elements that make for a good pilot. This week, ENT’s “Broken Bow.”

july 2020


It only took two years for Amy to finish her rewatch of Deep Space 9 and she has some questions. Thankfully, Ken and Zach were around to answer them. We highlight characters, storylines, and favorite moments of this series all the while trying hard to not compare it to TNG, which is still Amy’s favorite Star Trek series.

june 2020


It’s only human nature to wonder what might have been and in the realm of sci-fi, we get to explore this idea. Join Amy Nelson and Patrick Devlin as they discuss the reasons why one would want to create a fake family, how it could be done, and if we would create our own fake family given different situations. Episodes discussed are ENT’s “Oasis,” TNG’s “The Survivors,” DS9’s “Shadowplay,” and VGR’s “Real Life.”


Join Patrick Devlin and Amy Nelson as they discuss TOS’s “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield,” DS9’s “Far Beyond The Stars,” and ENT’s “Detained” and “North Star,” relating these episodes to the current events of the Black Lives Matter movement.

may 2020


General Order One, or the Prime Directive as it is more commonly known, is the most fundamental principle in Starfleet and one that all officers must follow. But why is it so frequently broken? Pat and Amy analyze Enterprise’s “Dear Doctor” and The Next Generation’s “Pen Pals” to learn about the Prime Directive and its many facets.


Mind probes are a questionable technique used to torture and inflict pain. In TNG’s “Frame of Mind” and DS9’s Hard Time respectively, both Riker and O’Brien must deal with the impact of these mind altering realities as they try to adjust back to real life. In this episode of All Good Things, Amy and Kevin Parlagreco discuss using such devices in the crime and punishment, the barriers the mind introduces when protecting to protect itself, and recognize the strength in being vulnerable and allowing yourself to heal from trauma.


Amy Nelson and guest Brandon Shea-Mutala discuss the exciting announcement of the new Star Trek series, Strange New Worlds! This series is a direct response to the overwhelmingly positive fan reaction to Anson Mount as Captain Pike, Ethan Peck as Spock and Rebecca Romijn as Number One. We compare Discovery and Picard to what might happen in this new series.

april 2020


Patrick and Amy choose their top three picks of forgettable episode titles from Enterprise and The Next Generation, respectively. We give clues to see if we can identify them in hopes that these titles won’t be so forgettable in the future.

march 2020

agt 012

Join Amy Nelson and Patrick Devlin as they discuss the ninth episode of Star Trek: Picard. They talk the identity of the Synths’ allies, who is ultimately responsible for the annihilation of the enemy, the return of Brent Spiner, and Patrick gives his strategic secrets of Risk.

agt 013

Join Amy Nelson and Patrick Devlin as they discuss the first season finale of Star Trek: Picard. Picard willingly sacrifices himself to show Soji what is “real” and that sometimes it is necessary to kill a life to save a life. Just as Data sacrificed himself in Nemesis, to prolong Picard’s life – a true understanding and application of humanity. Plus, Captain Riker!

agt 009

Join Patrick Devlin and Karen Chuplis as they discuss the sixth episode of Star Trek: Picard. They talk the weird the relationship between Narek and his sister, how Picard changes from his very disconnected state after a touch by Hugh, and hopes for the series moves forward.

agt 010

Join Patrick Devlin and Kevin Parlagrco as they discuss the seventh episode of Star Trek: Picard. They talk Picard’s reaction to the Borg when he encounters them, the inevitable demise of Narissa, and how Jurati is mentally falling apart on screen in front of our eyes. Also that so often every member of this crew has said exactly the wrong thing at the wrong time.

agt 011

Join Amy Nelson and Patrick Devlin as they discuss the eighth episode of Star Trek: Picard. The episode’s title itself expertly identifies the broken characters of Soji, Romadha, and Rios who are all looking to find the pieces to fix their lives. Are the Romulans the true villains, or is the Zhat Vash belief in The Admonition fact or myth?

february 2020

agt 008

Join Amy Nelson and Zach Moore as they discuss the fifth episode of Star Trek: Picard. We talk about Seven’s relationship with Icheb (and Bjayzl), Jurati’s relationship with Maddox (and Rios), and Raffi’s backstory with her son and her addiction. Is there any hope left in the universe? Will we get any answers?

agt 005

Join Amy Nelson and Patrick Devlin as they discuss the second episode of Star Trek: Picard. We learn about the heavy Romulan influence within Starfleet and witness the Reclamation Center in action.

agt 006

Join Amy Nelson and Patrick Devlin as they discuss the third episode of Star Trek: Picard. We talk the implication of myth on a society, the reclamation of the Borg, and long term vs. short term consequences. Engage!

agt 007

Join Patrick Devlin and Ken Tripp as they discuss the fourth episode of Star Trek: Picard. We talk about Picard’s flaws, how two of the most beloved characters in Star Trek history have failed the Romulans, and how a tragic event can change the course of history.

january 2020


Join Amy Nelson and Patrick Devlin as they discuss the first episode of Star Trek: Picard. Getting into some of the nuance of the show, the action scenes, and the overall feel of this new chapter in Admiral Jean-Luc Picard’s life.


Amy Nelson and Patrick Devlin discuss Short Treks: Ephraim And Dot. They talk about what did and didn’t work for them, the animation style, color schemes and more!


Amy Nelson and Patrick Devlin discuss Short Treks: The Girl Who Made The Stars. They talk examples in their lives of how a story can shape who you become in the future, a new presentation of a great #StarTrek message and how others have used this method in the past.


Amy Nelson and Patrick Devlin are happy to welcome Ken Tripp, executive producer of UFP to discuss the most recent Short Treks: Children Of Mars. Kima and Lil have a tumultuous relationship, yet turn to each other in a time of need. Our hosts mirror the themes of this episode and share personal stories related to bullying, education, and coming together in a time of crisis.

december 2019


Meet your hosts Amy and Patrick in this introductory episode of All Good Things: A Star Trek Universe Podcast.