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agt 006 : picard - the end is the beginning

Amy and Patrick discuss the third episode of Star Trek: Picard called The End is the Beginning.

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agt 005 : picard - maps and legends

Join Amy Nelson and Patrick Devlin as they discuss the second episode of Star Trek: Picard. We learn about the heavy Romulan influence within Starfleet and witness the Reclamation Center in action.


agt 004 : picard - rememberence

Join Amy Nelson and Patrick Devlin as they discuss the first episode of Star Trek Picard. Getting into some of the nuisance of the show, the action scenes, and the overall feel of this new chapter in Admiral Jean-Luc Picards life.

agt 003 : children of mars

Amy Nelson and Patrick Devlin are happy to welcome Ken Tripp, executive producer of UFP to discuss the most recent Short Treks, Children of Mars. Kima and Lil have a tumultuous relationship, yet turn to each other in a time of need. Our hosts mirror the themes of this episode and share personal stories related to bullying, education, and coming together in a time of crisis.

agt 002 : the girl who made the stars

On This episode Amy Nelson and Patrick Devlin talk about the Short Treks The Girl Who Made the Stars. They discuss examples in their lives how a story can shape who you become in the future. They also talk about how this is a new presentation of a great Star Trek message and how others have used this method in the past.

agt 001 : ephraim and dot

In this episode of All Good Things, Amy Nelson and Patrick Devlin discuss Short Treks, Ephraim and Dot. They talk about what did and didn’t work for them like the animation style and color schemes.

agt 000 : meet THE hosts

Meet your hosts Amy and Patrick in this introductory episode of All Good Things: A Star Trek Universe Podcast.

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