ff: 030: terminator genysis

In this episode of Fanchise Fatigue, Zach and Brandon are joined by Max Hegel to try and map out the new timeline of the Terminator multi-verse. Only one question remains: are we the same podcasters that were sent back in time to discuss the first film? Or were we there all along? Find out the answer to this question and many more! P.S. Don’t forget to tell yourself to listen, even though you already have…

ff: 029: terminator salvation

In this episode of Fanchise Fatigue, the passion for the Terminator franchise continues to beat strongly in the hearts of Brandon, Zach and special guest Lance. Join us as we discuss Terminator Salvation! Because it’s good for you!
Ohhhhhhhh! Gooooood for you! DAH DUH DAH DUH DAH!

ff: 028: terminator 3 : rise of the machines

Zach and Brandon are joined by Mike Schindler of Retro Perspective to discuss the third installment of the Terminator Franchise. We discuss life after Cameron, comedy, Nick Stahl, and why Brandon hates Man of Steel and a very similar element that crops up in T3.
Tune in! If you don’t like it, you can talk to the hand!

ff: 027: terminator 2 : judgement day

We told you we’d be back! Zach and Brandon discuss the 2nd entry in the #Terminator franchise. We talk about character changes, special effects, and how old John Connor really is. Does this film hold up? Tune in to find out!

ff: 026: the terminator

Zach and Brandon are on a mission to save the future, but first they have to discuss whether or not time travel is possible, or if its all some kind of predestination podcast.
They also discuss their first memories of watching The Terminator, Bill Paxton’s record, and compare James Cameron to Steven Soderbergh.

ff: 025: jaws recap

Sink your teeth into this Jaws recap episode as Zach and Brandon choose their favorite death, rank the films, and discuss The story direction they would like Jaws 5 to go in. They also discuss whether or not Jaws: The Revenge would have been better had Roy Scheider been in it.

ff: 024: jaws the revenge

Come roar with Brandon, Zach, John Mills, and Bruce the Shark as we answer the age old question: Is Jaws: The Revenge REALLY the worst movie in the Jaws Franchise?
We also discuss Zach’s Michael Caine impression, a low death count, and whether or not this is a Christmas movie.

ff: 023: jaws 3-d

Brandon and Zach are joined by John Mills to discuss the dimension breaking, terror filling, family epic: Jaws 3-D!
3 times the terror! 3 times the … wait a minute….
How does this theme-park based movie rank when compared to Jurassic Park! Find this out, and much, much more!

ff: 022: jaws 2

Brandon and Zach are joined by Ken Tripp to discuss the first sequel to the first summer blockbuster: Jaws 2!
We compare the series to Halloween, discuss shark towers, and the believability of kids and sail boats.

ff: 021: jaws

Brandon and Zach are joined by Ken Tripp to discuss the first ever summer blockbuster, “Jaws”!
They talk about the making of the film, their history with it, and weather or not they feel it is a perfect film.
We’re gonna’ need a bigger mic!

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