ff: 015: the godfather - recap

Zach and Brandon recap the trilogy. They rank the films, choose their favorite film, their favorite death, and discuss the direction they would like The Godfather IV to go if there ever was to be a film.

ff: 014: the godfather : part III

Zach and Brandon are joined again by Chris Tribuzio to complete the saga!
What’s the final verdict? Tune in to find out!

ff: 013: the godfather : part II

Brandon and Zach are joined by Chris Tribuzio to discuss the 1974 Best Picture winner. We also discuss similarities to the first film, the parallel storytelling, and the ending to the Sopranos.

ff: 012: the godfather

Brandon and Zach are joined by Chris Tribuzio to cover the Academy award winner for best picture in 1972. They discuss the days of the week, the proper pronunciation of the word “pasta,” and Italian impressions of the representation of their culture.

ff: 011: pet sematary recap

Brandon and Zach recap the Pet Semetary series of films by providing their rankings, their favorite film, their favorite scare, and where they think the series should go if another film is made.

ff: 010: pet sematary (2019)

The wait is over! Brandon and Zach are once again joined by John Mills. This time, we talk about the 2019 remake of Pet Semetary. How does it compare? What do we think of that change? What’s up with that dumb waiter?
All this and more awaits you!

FF: 009: pet sematary 2

Brandon and Zach are once again joined by the reincarnated John Mills to unearth this spooky discussion on the sequel horror film Pet Sematary 2!
What’s up with those clothes? What’s up with that sex scene? Is this two movies for the price of one? Find out by listening! Remember, sometimes dead is better!

Death Count:
9 people, 2 dogs, 3 cats, and countless rabbit.s

Series Death Count:
15 people, 3 dogs, 5 cats, and countless rabbits.

FF: 008: PET SEMATARY (1989)

Brandon and Zach are joined by special guest John Mills to dig up the goods on this 1989 classic horror film! What’s the deal with Zelda? What’s the deal with the house cleaner? Is that Chucky? Is this a great choice for a first date movie? All this and more will be unearthed for you!

Death Count:
6 people and 2 cats

FF: 007: Mission: Impossible recap

Brandon and Zach look back at the Mission: Impossible franchise, and forward as to what is to come. They talk about their favorite stunt, their rankings, and what they think the next two films will bring.

Coming next time: Pet Sematary (1989)

FF: 006: Mission: Impossible - fallout

Zach and Brandon reach the current end of the Mission: Impossible franchise. Find out what they thought of this film, what their favorite stunts were, and what Brandon thought of the music.

Mask Count: 2
Running mask Count: 17

FF: 005: Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

Brandon and Zach discuss the fifth film in the Mission: Impossible saga. How does it hold up? Where does it rank? Can we hold our breath as long as Captain Kirk?

Mask Count: 2
Mask Total: 15

FF: 004 Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Brandon and Zach are joined by Amy Nelson to discuss the fourth entry in the Mission: Impossible Franchise.

FF: 003: Mission: Impossible 3

Zach and Brandon discuss the third installment of the series. We also discuss explosions, plot twists, messy masks, and family life.

Mask Count: 2
Total Franchise Masks: 11

FF: 002: Mission: Impossible 2

ZYour mission, should you choose to accept it, is to listen to this podcast where we discuss John Woo’s 2000 sequel, continuing the MI franchise in a whole new way. We talk about doves, pigeons, guns, two guns, masks, and make a case to #ReleaseTheWooCut!

FF: 001: Mission: Impossible

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to follow along as Zach and Brandon cover all the films in the Mission: Impossible franchise! This episode is devoted to the 1996 film directed by Brian DePalma.

FF: 000: What's a Franchise?

Brandon and Zach sit down and establish the rules of the podcast (and the exceptions).

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