january 2021


Are you in the mood for something funny? Maybe you’d like to watch something with godlike beings. Or maybe you’re in the mood for a good cry. Ria Papageorgiou, Kevin Scharf and Joe Keegan create TNG episode watchlists for each of those three categories. What would you add to the list? What categories would you like to see in future watchlist episodes of Galaxy Class?


In the 8th of our ongoing Bat’leth Battles, Kevin, Joe and Ria debate the merits of season two’s “The Schizoid Man” versus season five’s “The Perfect Mate.”


The first Galaxy Class episode of 2021 is, appropriately, episode 21! 2020 was a rough year for everyone except Ria, but we are all so very thankful to have spent time with you all this year! Glory, honor, and success to you and your house in 2021 from Amy Nelson, Kevin Scharf, Ria Papageorgiou, and Joe Keegan. We love you! Qapla’!


Star Trek tells many stories that could have turned out differently, and in this series we look at the many “what ifs” that the writers may have considered and discuss how other stories would have changed accordingly. Joe, Amy, and Kevin contemplate if the Enterprise-D was destroyed, if Captain Kirk showed up in the series, and if Picard and Beverly were married.


Kevin, Amy, Joe and Ria discuss the life and times of Lt. Cmdr. Data. His career highlights, family relationships, leadership abilities, and more. They also share some obscure facts about one of Star Trek’s most enduring characters.