Brandon-Shea Mutala has been a fan of music since he was a wee boy and his mother would throw dance parties in their living room, spinning the vinyl sounds of Supertramp, Streethart, Whitney Houston, and Tina Turner. This love of music would expand over many years but would explode with a love of electronic music when he was 18 years of age, attending the University of Regina. It was then that he discovered Tangerine Dream, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, and more. Movies were also a major part of his life. While they could not afford a VCR of their own, Brandon-Shea has many fond memories of going to the local movie rental store and then stopping by his grandparents’ house so that the family could borrow a VCR. At a young age, probably too young (definitely too young) his mother introduced him to scary films and tv shows which would shape his viewing preference going forward. He is happily married to Marcy and has three wonderful daughters Aubrey, and twins Annika and Ezri, who he is slowly exposing to the classics of the silver screen He is also obsessed with Star Trek.


Tony Robinson hosts Star Trek Weekly News. To say he is a veteran in the podcasting world would be stretching things a bit. He can be found on TrekFM as host of Continuing Mission but also in various bars around the world!


Ken Tripp hosts General Quarters and is a twenty five year veteran of the US Navy and Navy Reserve. Ken served most of his career in the riverine-coastal warfare community. Ken is also a veteran podcaster co-hosting Standard Orbit on the TrekFM network for the last three years.


Zach Moore co-hosts Franchise Fatigue and has a passion for all things multimedia. Having worked as a cinematographer, editor and photojournalist in the news, entertainment and medical fields, if there’s a camera or microphone involved Zach isn’t far behind. Zach is a veteran podcaster hosting Always Hold On To Smallville, a retrospective podcast about the Superman TV series “Smallville,” and also co-hosting Standard Orbit on the TrekFM network.

patrick devlin

Patrick Devlin has been a lifelong Disney fan, Electrician by day and Disney fanatic by night, Patrick’s love of Disney has lead him to lead our Disney podcast. He brings the experience of being a podcaster previously as the co-host of Trek.FM’s “Warp Five”, and “The Edge”. The passion Patrick possesses for all things Disney has been passed down to his family. He along with his wife and two kids are DVC members and go to Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise and Disney’s Hilton head every year, an adventure that started back in 2009.

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