host - fanchise fatigue, infinite diversity

Brandon-Shea Mutala hosts Fanchise Fatigue and Infinite Diversity. He has been a fan of music since he was a wee boy and his mother would throw dance parties in their living room, spinning the vinyl sounds of Supertramp, Streethart, Whitney Houston, and Tina Turner. This love of music would expand over many years but would explode with a love of electronic music when he was 18 years of age, attending the University of Regina. It was then that he discovered Tangerine Dream, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, and more. Movies were also a major part of his life. While they could not afford a VCR of their own, Brandon-Shea has many fond memories of going to the local movie rental store and then stopping by his grandparents’ house so that the family could borrow a VCR. At a young age, probably too young (definitely too young) his mother introduced him to scary films and TV shows which would shape his viewing preference going forward. He is happily married to Marcy and has three wonderful daughters Aubrey, and twins Annika and Ezri, who he is slowly exposing to the classics of the silver screen. He is also obsessed with Star Trek.


host - trekpod

Tony Robinson hosts Trekpod. To say he is a veteran in the podcasting world would be stretching things a bit. He can also be found on Trek.FM as host of Continuing Mission but also in various bars around the world.

Oh, and he is also the Art Director for the network. Round of applause please!


host - General quarters, all good things

Ken Tripp hosts General Quarters and All Good Things. A twenty five year veteran of the US Navy and Navy Reserve, Ken served most of his career in the riverine-coastal warfare
community. Ken is also a veteran podcaster, having hosted Standard Orbit on the Trek.FM network from 2016-2020.


host - fanchise fantigue

Zach Moore hosts Franchise Fatigue and has a passion for all things multimedia. Having
worked as a cinematographer, editor and photojournalist in the news, entertainment and
medical fields, if there’s a camera or microphone involved Zach isn’t far behind. Zach is a
veteran podcaster hosting Always Hold On To Smallville, a retrospective podcast about the Superman TV series “Smallville,” and also hosted Standard Orbit on the Trek.FM network from 2016-2020 with Ken Tripp. He is a native Houstonian and proud Texan.

patrick devlin

host - all good things, mickey's marvels

Electrician by day and Disney fanatic by night, Patrick Devlin’s lifelong love of Disney has led him to host Mickey’s Marvels. The passion Patrick possesses for all things Disney has been passed down to his family. He, his wife and two kids are DVC members and go to Walt Disney World, Disney Cruises and Disney’s Hilton every year, an adventure that started back in 2009. Patrick also hosts All Good Things, having previously hosted Warp Five and The Edge on Trek.FM.

amy nelson

host - all good things, galaxy class

Amy Nelson hosts All Good Things and Galaxy Class. She found her passion for podcasting over four years ago when she explored her little podcast button on her iPhone. Previous podcasts include DiscoVille on the Fandom Podcast Network, and Earl Grey and The Edge on the Trek.FM network. A veteran teacher of mathematics, you may hear many anecdotal stories from Amy’s classroom interspersed with her Star Trek fandom.

chris tribuzio

host - mickey's marvels

Chris is a native Las Vegas resident by way of NYC. Chris started his venture into podcasting by listening to and discussing Star Trek with its undoubtedly huge fanbase. Chris (or “Tribz” as he is commonly called) joins in on the fun by discussing Disney on Mickey’s Marvels alongside Patrick “Magic” Devlin, exploring yet another huge fanbase amongst the many movie titles under the Disney umbrella. When not discussing Disney you can find Chris spending free time exploring all of Las Vegas from the casino to the restaurants to the city’s famous attractions.

Lance Laster

host - always hold on to arrow

Lance Laster hosts Always Hold on to Arrow. Though this is the first show where he is a host, Lance is no stranger to podcasting as he has appeared as a guest on many over the years. He has a passion for superheroes and comic books, and will talk about them with anyone willing to listen. Professionally, Lance is a trombonist and music educator in the greater Houston area.

Kevonte Chilous

host - always hold on to arrow

Kevonte Chilous hosts Always Hold on to Arrow. His love for podcasting started when he found what he thought to be the only podcast in the world that covered one of his favorite shows, “Smallville,” in Always Hold on to Smallville. From there, his world exploded into all things podcast with guest appearances on Always Hold on to Smallville and General Quarters. A Marine Corp Infantryman turned family man, Kevonte now spends his time talking all things “Arrow” while balancing life with his wife and their six kids. A late bloomer to all things comics, Kevonte is putting in the work to show his passion for the genre and podcasting. Kevonte lives in his hometown of ashville, Tennessee where he is a superfan of the Tennessee Titans, Nashville Predators, and Nashville Soccer Club.



Justin Oser hosts Infinite Diversity. He has a vivid memory of seeing Star Trek for the first time when he saw Star Trek VI in the theaters in 1991. Although it took another 18 years and seeing Star Trek (2009) for him to identify as a fan, Star Trek is now a huge part of Justin’s everyday life. He is constantly rewatching Star Trek episodes and reading Trek novels while eagerly anticipating every new episode of Star Trek. Justin is a veteran podcaster, having previously hosted Earl Grey and The Line on Trek.FM.

Chrissie De Clerck-Szilagyi

host - infinite diversity

Chrissie De Clerck-Szilagyi hosts of Infinite Diversity. She is an historian, Trekkie, and a bit of a political junkie (not always in that order). Chrissie can’t remember her first Star Trek experience, but has a vivid memory of watching “Encounter at Farpoint” on the family’s 21-inch Sony Trinitron console in 1987. Expect to hear about Star Trek’s connections to history and current events, because she really can’t help herself. She previously hosted The Line on Trek.FM.

joe keegan

host - galaxy class

Joe Keegan hosts Galaxy Class, having previously co-hosted Earl Grey on Trek.FM. For the longest time he thought the Enterprise was lost in space trying to find it’s way home while watching TOS re-runs with his mum in the 80s. Joe re-discovered Trek in the 90s just before “The Best of Both Worlds” and has been addicted ever since. He is a high school physics teacher, classically trained pianist, baker, technophile, musical theatre producer/director, watcher of movies, cosplayer, skant wearer, who has an innate ability to fix broken things. Interestingly, Joe has a tattoo of the WOW! Signal (6EQUJ5) which was received by the Big Ear Radio telescope at Ohio State University on the day he was born. He believes this was the download of his celestial consciousness into his human form body. Joe is from the best little country in the world: Scotland!


host - galaxy class

Ria Papageorgiou hosts Galaxy Class, having previously hosted Earl Grey on Trek.FM. She is a lifelong Star Trek fan who grew up on TOS, has vague, snowy memories of the The Animated Series, and remembers excitedly watching “Encounter at Farpoint” the night TNG debuted. It wasn’t until some point before Discovery’s second season when Ria discovered the Star Trek fan community online, and her life was never the same. Ria enjoys eating, grilling, fine wine, good beer, riding her bike, the beaches of the Peloponnisos, and getting to know Star Trek fans!


host - galaxy class

Kevin hosts Galaxy Class and is excited to share his love of Star Trek: The Next Generation. He has been listening to podcasts for over a decade, and been a part of making them for a little over three years. Kevin’s first podcast, True North Nerds, is about pop culture with a focus on events near his home in Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada. While his first fandom is Trek, Kevin loves all things Disney, superhero and sci-fi. When he is not podcasting, you can often find Kevin performing improv or acting in community theatre on the stages of Central Ontario.




Hailing from the great Pacific Northwest, Casey’s fandoms spread wide. He’s been a Star Trek fan for as long as he can remember, and although that’s his primary love, he also enjoys 24, Batman/DC films and shows, Harry Potter, Lego, documentaries on pretty much anything, all kinds of movies really, knitting and so much more. That’s right – knitting. In fact, that’s how he earned the moniker, “Stitch,” on Mickey’s Marvels. When he’s not podcasting or working long hours as a CPA, he is usually found at home with his wife, Bethy, and their clowder of cats.