Stwn 020 : STARDATE 1907.08

In this week’s news: Is a mirror universe even possible? 10 most important Romulans. (Really?)


Stwn 019 : stardate 1906.24

In this week’s news we ask can there be a Discovery/Picard crossover? When is Section 31 going into production.

Sources: Den Of Geeks.

STWN 018 : stardate 1906.10

In this week’s news we comment on the secret illness of Anton Yelchin and Quentin Tarantino’s R-rated Star Trek movie progress.

News sources.

STWN 017 : stardate 1905.27

In this week’s news we take a look at the latest happenings on the new Star Trek : PICARD show. We also report on the “new” look Starfleet Uniforms soon to be worn on the PICARD show.

Sources:, BBC Radio Times

stwn : 016 : stardate 1904.29

In this week’s news: Sonequa Martin-Green says goodbye to Discovery Season 2. Number 1 gets a name and we cheer for Jean-Luc as get’s prepared to engage with us once again!

News sources: The Ready Room and

stwn : 015 : stardate 1903.25

In this week’s news we chat about Picard and what his new show will be called. Is Discovery canon? And the Red Angels is revealed!

New sources: and

stwn : 014 : stardate 1903.18

In this week’s news DS9 gets a new Starship. Spock is sexy according to George Takei and we introduce some new Star Trek art.

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STWN : 013 : stardate 1903.11

In this week’s news we meet the Talosians. We have some Spock banter and Anson Mount will be attending STLV 2019.

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STWN : 012 : STARDATE 1903.04

In this week’s news we comment Hanelle Culpepper. The Talosians make an appearance (or do they?) and Picard get new character names.

News Sources:,

stwn : 011 : stardate 1902.25

In this week’s news we ask : Who is the Red Angel? Patrick Stewart has some news about his new series and we mourn the passing of actor Morgan Woodward.

News sources:,, Fox News.

STWN : 010 : STARDATE 1902.18

In the weeks news Jonathan Frakes reflects on Nemesis and Star Trek animation is making proper telly!

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STWN : 009 : STARDATE 1902.11

In this week’s news Anthony Rapp talks about his role in Star Trek Discovery and Tom Allen from CBC ask if Alexander Courage actually stole the opening four notes on Star Trek!

News sources:,, Tom Allen CBC.

STWN: 008 : STARDATE 1902.04

In this week’s news we have some more musings from Jonathan Lane. We also comment of Spock’s behaviour and we take a look at the tech on the USS Enterprise.

News sources: Jonathon Lane. Screenrant.

STWN: 007 : STARDATE 1901.28

In this weeks news we have a look at Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek project and Jonathan Lane has Part 1 of Discovery’s Season Two show “Eden”.

News sources: :

STWN: 006 : STARDATE : 1901.21

In this week’s news we have the first review of Discovery Season 2 Episode 1 and we have the final countdown of our crazy Voyager fan theories.

News sources: Screenrant. Tony Black at Set The Tape.

005 STARDATE: 1901.14

In this week’s Star Trek Weekly News Anson Mount considers Pike versus Kirk and we have some crazy fan theories about Voyager.

News sources:,

STWN 004: STARDATE : 1901.09

In this week’s news we comment on the Star Trek 4 debacle and Alex Kurtzman hints at the new Picard series.

News sources: Trekcore. The Hollywood Reporter

STWN: 003 : STARDATE 1901.07

In this week’s Star Trek weekly News we compare Spock with Spock and we have some words from Anthony Rapp and Sonequa Martin-Quinn.

STWN: 002 : STARDATE 1812.31

In this weeks Star Trek Weekly News we have a short review of 8 top stories from 2018 and we take a closer look at the up and coming Captain Picard series.

STWN: 001: STARDATE 1812.29 A 2018 Recap

A short look back to some Star Trek events from 2018 with your host Tony Robinson.

STWN: 000: Pre Episodes Intro

Tony Robinson introduces the return of Star Trek Weekly News arriving through subspace from 29 December 2018.

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