Once upon a time two Disney fans decided to start a podcast. MICKEY’S MARVELS .. A DISNEY PODCAST FROM UFP is hosted by PATRICK DEVLIN AND CHRIS TRIBUZIO aka “MAGIC and TRIBZ”. In each episode, Magic and Tribz explore and discuss the wonder and inventiveness of Walt Disney and his wonderful legacy..

FANCHISE FATIGUE is anexciting and vibrant behind the scenes discussion of the movive franchises that are being churned out by the Hollywood machine. Some a great, some are bad and some are down right ugly. Join with Brandon Shea Mutala and Zachary Moore as they sit down with their popcorn and soda and bring you a movie podcast like none other.

General Quarters! This podcast focuses on the historical and modern events that have shaped the battle space. If you’re a veteran of any of the Armed Forces you are going to enjoy litening to Ken Tripp, a twenty five year veteran of the US Navy and Navy Reserve, as he chats with the people who have helped shape today’s modern armed forces through their experience and bravery. 

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